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Friends, Recently the Anime videos being made on a website called Demo Eye on Instagram and YouTube are becoming very viral.This video is becoming so viral on Instagram that it has millions of likes and views.

How To Use Domo Ai Tool?

Friends, if you also want to convert your own video into anime, then first of all you have to click on the Create Video option given below.After that you will have to create your account there, then when you click on the generate video option given below,Then you have to type /video by clicking on the message option below.After that you have to write Convert to Anime in the front, then you will be asked to accept the website terms and conditions,After accepting the terms and conditions, you have to upload your video there and whatever video you want to convert into anime.After that you can change the model of your video and also change the time duration, to create a 3 second video you will have to wait for 4 minutes.And your video will be instantly converted into anime video and sent to this website.Which you can download by clicking on the three dots.

Conclusion :

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